Monday, 9 May 2016

Super Cheap Aquarium Cleaner

Super Cheap Aquarium Cleaner
I also share this small project in instructables:

This project will inspire you a cheap alternative way to clean your aquarium inner side.

Step 1: Prepare your material and tool

Picture of Step 1: Prepare your material and tool
Here is list of materials needed:
  • Any hard and long stick, minimum same length as your aquarium depth.
    • I recycled paint roller stick for mine
  • Dish-washing sponge (usually come with 2 sides: soft and hard).
    • price: IDR 2,000 - 8,000 (below $1)
Tools needed:
  • mini screwdriver to punch the sponge
  • cutter/scissors to cut a groove the sponge

Step 2: Prepare the Hole and Groove

Picture of Step 2: Prepare the Hole and Groove
  1. Punch the dish washing sponge using your mini screwdriver, follow the pattern of your stick.
if your stick made from metal, it could be re-shaped by bending it over and around.
2. cut the sponge with your cutter/scissors, also follow the bending pattern of your stick.

Step 3: Assemble Them!

Picture of Step 3: Assemble Them!
Iinsert your stick tip into the hole you punched, and slip it to the groove you cut as shown

Step 4: Test it!

Picture of Step 4: Test it!
It is done! test it by wiping into your aquarium wall glass.
It should be quite easy, even my 5 years old daughter could do it easily :)
feel free to leave a comment or suggestions :)

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