Thursday, 4 August 2016

How I Made LED Strip Light (for Aquarium or Anything Else)

assalaamu'alaikum :)
above is the photo of my aquarium after LED strip lighting installed. nice :?

Here are the steps I did:
  1. bought "LED 5730 Strip with built in aluminium heatsink strip" from it is only priced IDR 30,000/meter (contains 72 LEDs).

   according to the seller, it was 36 Watts LED. however it is impossible LED is setup in its' max power limit. Otherwise it is already dead :).

2. cut the LED strip into 2 halves using cutting pliers, then glue onto PVC rectangle conduit (IDR 3,500) using Silicone glue (IDR 5,000). note: aluminium bar (15,000 / 6 meters) is better since aluminium can help dissipating heat and as well as very strong metal frame for the LED.

3. Join the PVC/aluminium frame using superglue or rivet nail. 

4. bought second hand AC-DC Adaptor (IDR 25,000: 24 volts 2 Amperes, because I solder the LED in series 12Volts x 2)

5. OK, then try it up on my floor: quite bright!

6. Set it on my aquarium.... awesome

at night, it induce photosynthesis too:

Photosynthesis video: you can see the Oxygen bubbles were coming out from the leaves!!!

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  1. actual digital measurement have been calculated, the actual used power by the LED is only around 12 Watts (rated 1/3 of its' maximum power/current, quite safe and hopefully long life :)