Thursday, 30 June 2016

How I Made My House Gate of Aluminium

How I Made My House Gate of Aluminium

Hi friends,
this project is something I newly learnt and practiced about 3 months ago, which is about aluminium tube assembly and joining (which is: RIVETING).

Riveting is very interesting, since the process is quite quick and strong. it is also neat and state of art.

Further benefit: I saved money of around IDR 1,000,000 (US$ 80) with making this myself rather than ordering a welded iron gate. Yet the most interesting this is still I can create is myself; such an excercise, hobby and creativity :)

Ok, let's take a look how I made it:

Constructed the lock handle & safety:

Mounted the padlock on pillar using wood and screw:

the lock from front side:

Joined 2 aluminium square tubes using rivet nail:

Mounted the plastic cover/shield to aluminium square tube using black (UV resistant) Cable Tie:

The other side of rail lock: using Hook to hook metal clamp:

Lower side is the same:

I mounted 4 wheels using screws to the gate base:

Operation Photo:)

What a nice DIY. isn't it?  :D

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